Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Genesis PURE: The Science Behind It

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Genesis PURE is the fastest growing leader in the dietary supplement industry today. This is not surprising with Dr. Lindsey Duncan at the helm of the company, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and countless hours of actual practice in natural medicine.
A bottle of any Genesis PURE product is the end result of a complex process – the combination of “advanced nutrition science and innovative technologies with proprietary delivery systems and a wide range of packaging options provide our products with unique flair, differentiation, and higher value.”
Every step in the manufacturing process is strictly monitored. From the harvest of the raw materials, transport, processing of the materials to the packaging and distribution, you are rest assured that a comprehensive quality control plan is in place to supervise and double-check everything.
Dr. Lindsey Duncan is an authority in naturopathy and he brings in his expertise and education into the manufacturing process. Using the latest in medical research and the newest innovations in technology, a collection of dietary supplements with the highest quality is produced, and that is Genesis PURE products.
The best-sellers GoYin, Liquid Cleanse, and Cell Water, and Nutrition PURE are the products who will want to purchase. Genesis PURE guarantees nothing less than the highest quality through the purest ingredients and most stringent quality assurance system.
With the strong conviction that there is nothing more qualified to help your body restore itself, Dr. Lindsey Duncan advocates educating yourself about your body. And what better way to help your body heal itself than a glass of GoYin or any other Genesis PURE product?

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  1. "Dr." Lindsey Duncan is no doctor. He has never attended an accredited college. He got his so-called doctorate from s defunct paper mill in upstate NY.