Tuesday, July 13, 2010


CARDIO with COMEDY by William Hale

Going to the gym should be fun! To liven things up a bit, try a few of these mind games and enjoy the confusion of everyone around you. It's just like facing the wrong way in an elevator and looking at the other people instead of the ceiling or wall.

1. Fill an old vodka bottle with water and use it during a workout. People will wonder if that's "your secret weapon" to great results!

2. Wear a helmet. I think you'll find that people will give you a lot more room when you're lifting when you walk in with head protection (especially when you do overhead exercises!).

3. Pick up the 2-pound nose-itcher dumbells and proceed to lift them like you're doing the hardest set in your life. Scream and strain like you're pushing it to the limit. The larger you are, the more effective this one will be.

4. Load a tremendous amount of weight onto the bench press bar, e.g. 500 to 600 pounds. Make a big production with your preparation, lie back on the bench, then, just as you are about to lift the bar off the rack, your watch alarm (previously set by you, of course) should go off. Look at your watch, shake your head, unload the bar then move onto your next exercise. The smaller you are, the more effective this one will be!

5. Wear an electric ab-training belt with an extension cord duct-taped to it. Plug yourself in just before each set.

6. Have your workout partner bring an old remote control from home. When he presses a button, do a rep. When hits "fast forward" go faster. When he hits "pause" hold the weight where it is. Just make sure he doesn't hit the "eject" button, especially after a hard set!

7. Count your reps out loud starting from 100, e.g. your first rep, say "101", then "102", etc.

8. Bring a suitcase to the gym instead of a sports bag. The little rolling ones with the pop-up handles are good. Also, a really huge one that you can fit a person comfortably in will work.

9. Do incorrect exercises on machines. For example, Do Triceps Extensions on the Leg Press Machine.

10. Men, wear daisy duke short shorts and walk around asking other guys if you can help "spot" them on the bench press.

BONUSES:- Before aerobics class, take all the mats and build a fort with them. "Place a sign on one of the mats that says, "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!"
Take a yoga mat and use it as a flotation device in the swimming pool. Float around the pool with your shades on sipping a pina colada.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interval Training: The Best Way to See Quick Results

Interval Training: The Best Way to See Quick Results
By Steve Edwards

There are a lot of contradicting ideas—many of them misconceptions—about the best way to reshape your body. This is largely because there are a lot of trainers out there, each seemingly espousing a different fitness philosophy. In this article, we'll examine an assortment of training strategies, bust a myth or two, and explain why interval training is generally the most efficient way to improve your fitness level.

What is interval training?
Basically, you're interval training any time your workout includes a set where you perform at your maximum level for a given amount of time, followed by a lower-intensity set; this sequence is then repeated to achieve a cumulative effect. An interval can be a set of curls, a dance move, or anything that tires you out over a given length of time. Intervals can be short and hard, or long and easy, but they're all intervals, just as long as there's some cumulative effect—you get more tired as you go. All interval workouts aren't the same, though; the duration and intensity of the intervals are what define the workout.

Conversely, aerobic training is when you maintain a steady output at a low-intensity level over the course of the workout. Beachbody does offer some workouts that do this, but they're generally either for recovery or for the second daily workout of a doubles program. This type of workout helps your aerobic efficiency, but does very little for changing your body.

The myth of the fat-burning zone
It's impossible to approach this topic without debunking the term "fat-burning zone." You often hear uninformed trainers recommend that their clients reduce the intensity of their workouts so their bodies will burn more fat. In reality, all these trainers are doing is lowering the overall effectiveness of their clients' programs.
Here's a quick explanation of the fat-burning zone. At an aerobic pace (see above), your body utilizes stored body fat as fuel to save its preferred fuel (stored blood glycogen) for more pressing matters. This sounds great, because you're burning body fat. However, you're burning it at a very slow rate.

During higher-intensity work, your body turns to a limited supply of blood glycogen (often called blood sugar) for energy. While your body is burning glycogen rather than fat during this more intense period, it's also breaking down more body tissue. "Breakdown" is a negative-sounding word for a good thing, because while it's happening, your body produces more hormones and increases its metabolism to repair the breakdown. As the tissue repairs itself, it builds more muscle, so the next time you do a stressful workout it won't be so taxing. This process of adapting to intense exercise is where your body makes the most rapid change.

Continually building on this process is called "progressive overload." By continually adapting to stress, then adding more stress, either with weight, speed, or intensity, you increase your body's fitness so it's actually burning body fat for fuel as you rest. Interval workouts should be a key component in every phase of your training.

Techie science made simple
Asked what separates serious athletes from recreational athletes, author and fitness trainer Steve Ilg replies, "Intervals." But because "intervals" is an umbrella term for training that targets many different energy systems, Steve's answer is somewhat cryptic and requires further explanation. At the same time, however, it's pretty accurate. Recreational athletes like to train within their comfort zones. Interval training, regardless of the targeted intensity level, always forces you out of your comfort zone. And you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone if you want to see significant changes in your fitness level.

Interval levels can change dramatically. For example, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are very short, sometimes lasting only seconds, and are completely anaerobic. Marathon runners will often run for one- or two-mile intervals, which can take many minutes and are obviously somewhat aerobic. The reason for the varying intensity of intervals is to train different energy systems in the body. These are defined by terms you may have heard, like anaerobic threshold (AT), VO2/max, etc., but we don't need to go into that level of detail yet. For our purposes here, we'll give you the "101"-level course in what you need to know:

1. LSD. Not the hippie drug from the 60s, but rather "long slow distance." This isn't an interval; it's a term you're especially likely to hear if you know or are a runner or cyclist. The purpose of LSD is base-level aerobic conditioning. As I said above, this approach isn't really applicable for making significant body changes, unless you do it for a very long time. Yet many trainers still recommend it. I think this is primarily because their clients won't complain about doing 30 minutes of easy exercise.

2. Sports-specific intervals. These can be anything, like the two-mile example above. Interval training exists for all athletic endeavors. Since it's targeted for sports performance, we won't discuss it. You'll learn plenty about it when you join a local group to train for a triathlon, or other activity or event.

3. Weight training intervals. All weight training could be considered interval training, but traditionally, you rest so long between sets you don't get a cumulative effect. All Beachbody weight training is done interval-style, which we call circuit training. During these workouts, you move from body part to body part without much rest between sets, so the workouts don't just target muscle building, but also improve your cardiovascular fitness. P90X and ChaLEAN Extreme are good examples of this kind of training.

What defines these circuits is your targeted number of repetitions. A low target using more weight will create muscular hypertrophy, or growth. A higher number of reps limits muscle growth (although you do still get some muscle growth) and gives you more cardiovascular improvement.

4. Cardio intervals. These are what most of you probably think of when you think of interval training. First, let's define the difference between "cardio" and "aerobic." Cardio means heart, while aerobic means oxygen. Aerobic training is most easily defined by the word "easy." (It's really defined by training below your anaerobic threshold, but let's dispense with the science talk.) Cardio, however, is any and all training that affects the heart, so it can include aerobic training, but also all the high-intensity training associated with intervals.

High-intensity cardio intervals are performed in something we call "heart rate training zones." Cardio intervals target these heart rate training zones for various periods of time. When you design your own interval workouts, you have to do this for yourself. When you have a trainer, he or she does it for you. This is why we at Beachbody always have test groups to make sure our workouts train you in your proper zone. That way, all you need to do is follow along.

Interval lengths

In general, the longer the duration of the interval, the easier the workout. Some interval sessions have long and moderate intervals with short aerobic breaks. Others have short, difficult intervals with long aerobic breaks. Two interval systems that buck this trend are HIIT and INSANITY's MAX Interval Training. Both feature high-intensity intervals with short breaks, and both systems are very effective for creating rapid body composition changes. But due to their intensity, it's vital that you only do HIIT or MAX Interval Training for short periods of time as part of an overall program—like INSANITY, or Beachbody's new program TurboFire—that includes other types of workouts as well.

How to incorporate intervals into your workout program
As with every other aspect of fitness training, the type of interval training you start with should be based on your current physical condition. If you aren't very fit, you'll want to start with a very basic interval program (which will still feel plenty hard). Workouts like Slim in 6's Start It Up! or Power 90's Sweat Cardio 1–2 are good introductory interval sessions. If you're in doubt, start slowly. It's easier to increase your workout's intensity than to go backward. Intervals are the most effective way to see quick results from a workout program. If you're not doing intervals in your current workout regime, try adding some. If you're already doing intervals, maybe it's time to step up to the next level. You might just be amazed by the results.

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Healthy Weight Loss The Fast And Easy Way

Health Review

Cleansing Your Body And Your Life

What is the best way to restore your body to perfect health?
That’s right, cleansing! It is also effective for weight loss, improve your complexion, and can help bring your liver and other organs back to good condition. What is the best product to help you cleanse your body? Again, you got it right,! Liquid Cleanse!

Liquid Cleanse belong s to the outstanding line of nutritional supplements by Genesis Pure. Genesis Pure is the result of more than 20 years of extensive experience in naturopathy as well as countless hours actual clinical experience of the famous natural medicine advocate,
Dr. Lindsey Duncan.

True to the tradition of the quality products of Genesis Pure and Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Liquid Cleanse is “a revolutionary internal cleansing program that helps to stimulate and detoxify every organ, cell and tissue in the body, with special emphasis on all seven channels of elimination (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, skin and blood stream).” It is safe to use and does not cause diarrhea, stomach cramping, or gas (flatulence). It also doesn’t have overstimulating effects. It is not habit forming and can be used as often as needed.

Liquid Cleanse is your first step to restoring your body to its former vitality and your initial action to making that positive change in your life. Every day you are subjected to different stresses and our environment is so polluted, a cleansing regimen once in a while will help your body heal itself.

As a strong believer of the body’s capacity to heal itself, Dr. Lindsey Duncan and his flagship nutritional supplement company, Genesis Pure whose products are made of the purest natural ingredients and formulated using the latest in scientific technology and the wisdom of traditional medicine

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Befenfits of GoYin-Purifying and Balancing the Body

Detoxification (short: detox) is a systematic approach to helping your body to remove toxins stored in the tissue. This process usually occurs naturally with the body.Unfortunately to us, the polluted environment we live in causes our bodies to be overloaded with toxins. Toxins build up in our bodies from the cumulative exposure to environmental toxins. The build up is faster than the natural ability for the body to detox.The results are various symptoms of toxicity. This together with other external factors like stress, unresolved emotional issues have a big impact on the natural immune system of the body. This can result in:

Lack of energy or tiredness
Being more susceptible to colds and flues
Weak immune system

It is important for you that you break through this cycle of accumulating toxins in your body. How can you do this?
Look at the products you use for your personal care. Genesis PURE offers all natural organic products.There are ways to improve helping your body to process toxins. This includes:

Improvement in diet
Moderate exercise
Balanced supplementation
Is the food you buy organic or treated with chemicals? Make sure you eat more organic produce helping your body to detox along the way.One supplement that is important to aiding the process of purifying your body is Genesis PURE GoYin and for the first time in modern history there is a blend that offers more than great nutrition and antioxidant protection. Based on Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), GoYin uses a proven formula to bring balance to your body and life. For over 5,000 years, TAM practitioners have tested, refined and proven the art of balancing the body as a way of preventing disease and enhancing overall well-being. GoYin unifies the analytical benefits of Western science with Eastern knowledge of proper rations and blending to create a perfect balancing blend. GoYin contains a proprietary blend of 20 warm and cool superfruits, herbs and other fruits each of which have numerous benefits on their own. In combination, the GoYin formula is unmatched in its ability to induce systemic whole-body balance, which translates into optimal physical and mental function. GoYin addresses all areas of a problem, not just a specific aspect of a disease, as it brings the body into balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself and function at its peak levels, just as nature intended.

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Genesis PURE: The Science Behind It

Health and Diet Reviews

Genesis PURE is the fastest growing leader in the dietary supplement industry today. This is not surprising with Dr. Lindsey Duncan at the helm of the company, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and countless hours of actual practice in natural medicine.
A bottle of any Genesis PURE product is the end result of a complex process – the combination of “advanced nutrition science and innovative technologies with proprietary delivery systems and a wide range of packaging options provide our products with unique flair, differentiation, and higher value.”
Every step in the manufacturing process is strictly monitored. From the harvest of the raw materials, transport, processing of the materials to the packaging and distribution, you are rest assured that a comprehensive quality control plan is in place to supervise and double-check everything.
Dr. Lindsey Duncan is an authority in naturopathy and he brings in his expertise and education into the manufacturing process. Using the latest in medical research and the newest innovations in technology, a collection of dietary supplements with the highest quality is produced, and that is Genesis PURE products.
The best-sellers GoYin, Liquid Cleanse, and Cell Water, and Nutrition PURE are the products who will want to purchase. Genesis PURE guarantees nothing less than the highest quality through the purest ingredients and most stringent quality assurance system.
With the strong conviction that there is nothing more qualified to help your body restore itself, Dr. Lindsey Duncan advocates educating yourself about your body. And what better way to help your body heal itself than a glass of GoYin or any other Genesis PURE product?